Artist Spotlight: Millee Tibbs


Artist Spotlight


Millie Tibbs’ work is informed by the New Topographics photographers, who saw the American landscape not as virgin and untouched but instead as a space that has been imprinted. Like them, her work is in opposition to the idealization and aestheticization of this landscape. Unlike these repeated attempts to fit the sublimity of nature inside the rectangular frame of the photograph, she creates relationships between formal geometries and natural spaces that question the illusionistic representation of the photographic image. She uses physical intervention with the image to discuss the human alteration of the landscape, which is at once beautiful and destructive.

Millie Tibbs will be featured in the exhibition “Re:Visioning the West” this Summer. Thursday, July 16th, she will be giving a lecture in the University Art Gallery about her artwork. The talk starts at 6:00pm and is open and free to the public!

Check out Millie Tibbs’ website! Click here.