Millee Tibbs Gallery Talk

Millee Tibbs, one of the featured artists in the UAG’s summer exhibition, “Re: Visioning the West”, visited us on July 16th for a gallery talk.  In her public lecture, she discussed her evolution as an artist, walking us through her humorous and highly insightful mind.  In her work, she often explores what the American West is and what gender is.  Her belief is, “art lives between what we see and what we know” which she admits has an inherent subjectivity involved within this space.  When we see a photograph of a grandiose landscape, we often think of a tough and rugged sort of man who trekked for weeks to get that opportune angle; in addition, when we see a quilt pattern, we often think of traditional “women’s” duties…but what happens when you combine the two into a single work of art?  This is what happens often in Millee’s work, especially in the series included in “Re: Visioning the West”.  Read more about Millee here and take a look at the photos from the event below:

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