Gallery Talk with Dr. Stephanie Taylor and Papermaking Workshop with Katya Reka


On Saturday, we invited the community to join us in two great events: a gallery talk with Dr. Stephanie Taylor in “The Curatory” regarding the theme of games and play in visual art followed by a papermaking workshop with Katya Reka.  Dr. Taylor discussed the theme of games and play in visual art in relationship to the current exhibit in “The Curatory”.  Graduate students Madeleine Griffin and Michelle Lanteri curated pieces from the permanent collection to speak to the theme of games and play which was a theme they found subtly in the works of the Towson MFA students’ works.  Katya Reka led a papermaking workshop that was open the public.  Those who attended learned about the process of creating paper and they even were able to try their hand at the craft as well!

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