GEOMAGIC Artwork Spotlight

blog-imageThis week’s art spotlight for GEOMAGIC is focused on Emily Nachison and Amy Brener’s works. Emily Nachison’s piece titled Metonic Transfiguration is an installation that alludes to the history of scientific advancement. Through this piece Nachison sought to use mythology, scientific history, and new-age idealism as an overall theme. She also used cast glass as a way to represent preservation, fragility, impermanence, and transformation.


Amy Brener’s vertical sculptural pieces in GEOMAGIC are titled Jag and Jotter. Jag represents the fascination we feel when looking at exposures of geological stratification. Jotter “on the other hand” is more of a sculptural totem that mimics the texture of precious stones. Both of these sculptures were created out of resin, pigment, and found objects to closely resemble an interpretation between something both natural and man-made.

Both of these artists have amazing work in our exhibition GEOMAGIC and if you have yet to see it we encourage you to stop by! We also have a skype lecture on November 3rd, at 6pm with Artists Emily Nachison and Christine Gray so be sure to mark your calendars!

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