Lea WiseSurguy-Sophiliazo and Ruben Zapata Collaborative Lecture

On Friday May 1st, graduating MFA artist Lea WiseSurguy-Sophiliazo and NMSU Scientist Ruben Zapata presented to NMSU faculty, staff, students, and community members regarding Lea’s artwork in conjunction with a scientific discussion of what is actually going on within her pieces.  Lea discussed her process and concept for her works currently on display in the UAG, all of which include microorganisms in order to explore ourselves and our environment.  In a looping video currently on display in the UAG, one work entitled InTempore examines microorgamisms collected from the artist’s own body.  She also collected samples of a number of other people, and titled them to allude to the idea of scientific labeling (i.e. Illuminatio S. Marina).  Lea’s last piece included in this exhibition is termed Communitatis Vita, which visitors to the MFA show opening on April 24th all touched and, in turn, left their personal microbes behind to grow together physically and metaphorically.  Ruben Zapata went on to discuss these different microorganisms, how they grow, reproduce, and how they affect humans, leading the audience to better understand Lea’s artwork and their surroundings in general.

P.S. If you haven’t been by the gallery since the opening, be sure to come check out how the microorganisms in Communitatis Vita are changing!  It looks very different than it did on Friday…

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