Nancy Frost Begin- Close to Home



Artist: Begin, Nancy Frost

Title/Date: Close to Home, 2010

Description of the work:  

The barns with few cattle grazing are expressed by watercolor painting along with the ground capped with snow. The sky is lit very mildly with light, indicating a cold winter landscape. The trees on the left side of the composition are beautifully portrayed with twigs exposed and the leaves being held in frost.

Begin expresses her artistic pursuits in a winter landscape, beautifully captured by watercolor painting, depicting a huge barn almost in the center of the composition. Cows are shown grazing in some clear areas, whereas the entire remaining land is covered by snow. The cattle are protected by barbed-wire fence apart from a small portion of white painted wooden fence. They are also shown to have sufficient space to move around or even graze. The painting seems to be gloomily lit with the reflective light of the snow. The trees behind the barn also portray a winter scene. The sloped metal roof of the barn indicates enough ceiling space inside the barn. It also shows that any snow would slide down the slope to the ground at some point of time. Begin does title this picture as Close to Home indicating the cattle being closer to their barn, where they could all move into, in the middle of the cold winter. The title indicates a suitable shelter, expecting warmth relatively compared to the exterior.


Nancy Begin was born on 21 July 1946 and raised in Buffalo, NY. As an artist, Begin was constantly on a voyage of discovery, not so much to reproduce what is in front of her but to seek new landscapes with new eyes. She felt the challenge was hopeful and endless. Her development as an artist was nurtured by a very supportive artistic family. Following her Bachelor of Fine Arts graduation from Syracuse University, she expressed herself through various artistic pursuits including illustration, fiber arts, clay, wood and painting.  She taught studio art and art history at Proctor Academy in New Hampshire and was a member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen where she exhibited contemporary folk art. In 1996, Begin was selected by the League to create New Hampshire’s contribution to the White House Christmas tree. After relocating to New Mexico in 2007, she finds Las Cruces to be a rich, artistic history in the “Land of Enchantment” a most supportive and inspirational environment to continue along the challenging, artistic road of discovery.

Nancy’s watercolors, oils, woodcut prints and folk art have been represented in fine galleries throughout the country. Most recently she completed an art book of the Crow series entitled “Cautionary Tales”. The book will be available on her website soon as well as continuation of the same series. After relocating to Las Cruces, New Mexico in 2007, she finds the rich, artistic history in the “land of enchantment” a most supportive and inspirational environment to continue along the challenging, artistic road of discovery. Nancy won several awards from 2012 to 2014 in New Mexico, El Paso and The American West.


Signed: Nancy Begin Frost is hand-signed on the lower right hand side, recto and also on the verso, which can be viewed.

Date and dimension: 2010, Image: 20in x 27in; Framed: 21.5in x 29in.

Medium: Watercolor.  

Accession # and Acquisition date:  acc. # H2011.77; 2010.

Condition: Excellent

Provenance and the Exhibits: Provenance: UNK, N/A

Framed: Framed and mounted with mat.

Current location:  The piece is a part of the New Mexico State University’s permanent collections.


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Reproductions: N/A

Researched by: Latha Sankaran, 11 November 2016.