Opening Reception of Geomagic: Art, Science and the Zuhl Collection

Our first exhibition of the 2016 Fall semester, Geomagic: Art, Science and the Zuhl Collectionopened to the public on Thursday, September 8th. GEOMAGIC transformed the UAG into an interdisciplinary Wunderkammer-like collection of wonder and education, unifying contemporary visual art and natural sciences concepts, and inciting exploratory dialogues surrounding the ever-shifting relationships between humans and nature. This exhibition also paired objects from New Mexico State University’s Zuhl Collection of over 1,800 specimens of petrified wood, fossils, and minerals, with works by ten internationally-renowned artists who interrogate multilayered landscapes through a variety of media that echo the geological and explore great expanses of time through material. These featured artists include : Christine Gray, Jason Middlebrook, Megan Harrison, Amy Brener, Laura Moriarty, Katie Paterson, Emily Nachison, Christine Nguyen, Andrew Yang and Ryan Thompson.  Overall the opening reception was filled with art, science, and an amazing performance by the Em and Pop Jazz band. Check out our pictures below, and make sure to attend the opening for NEOMAGIC , a student show held in conjunction with GEOMAGIC, on September 23rd at 5pm in the Zuhl Museum.


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